How Dental Implant is applied?

Implant placement into the jaw bones consists of two simple surgical procedures. These procedures are simple and are usually performed under local anesthesia. The first process is to form a housing in the jawbone to which the implant is to be firmly screwed and to place the implant in this housing. The implant remains embedded in the jawbone for an average of 3 months. During this healing phase, the implant and bone fuse. Depending on the implant type, it remains in the jawbone by covering or leaving it open. In the meantime, you can use your prosthesis or temporary crown-bridge. When the implant is firmly fused to the bone, it is opened for a second surgical procedure and the healing caps are worn around the neck of the implant to ensure healthy and aesthetic gingival formation. At this stage, your dentist will select and place the superstructures to which the teeth will be glued, as well as prepare the appropriate crown-bridge or restoration type.

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